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Hello! I’m a sophisticated and friendly monster, with an airplane for a face! #TFA #SkyLynx #DJW #TransformersAnimated #DerrickJWyatt @dyemooch #JoshPerezColors

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MTMTE Rodimus, 19.
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I went with Rodimus’s all time favorite hatimage

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MTMTE themed Keybots for TFCon Chicago  :P    

Waiting on a test print of a couple femme keybots to come in so I can see how they look before I decide if I’ll be able to make a few of those for TFCon as well.   

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Sidling away: not an effective defense against motion-activated gun turrets.

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The Transformers v1 #16

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pterodactyl sex man.png

i just vomited bullshit on this till i found it passable

too bad hes just the guy who stands in the background when grimlock talks in tfa :C

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(it’s after 2 AM but I didn’t feel like going to bed yet…….)

(idea stolen from inspired by insuffera6le6itch’s posts.